Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Opera 10.0

Welcome to Opera's newest Web browser: Opera 10. Opera is a free and innovative Web browser which allows you to experience the web on your terms. Discover what over 40 million people have already experienced by downloading Opera's fast and safe Internet browsers. This latest Opera Web browser version comes with a new streamlined, elegant interface and many innovative cool features . These are the two major things you must try in Opera 10. 1. Opera Turbo, a new compression technology that solves the pain of slow connections. If you are on a slow network connection, simply enable Opera Turbo to browse the Web at broadband-like speeds. Opera Turbo will automatically detect when network speeds will enable you to benefit. Once you turn it on, Opera Turbo instantly compresses pages, so less data needs to be transferred over a limited connection. 2. Better tabs, Opera continues pioneering new ways to use tabs. In Opera 10, resize your tab bar by pulling down on it or double-clicking the handle, revealing a surprise: Opera now shows you full thumbnails of all your open tabs.
Opera 10 includes other refinements to help you maximize productivity and get more from your Web-browsing experience. The enhanced Speed Dial, a collection of your favorite Web sites, can now be extended to 5x5 grid. Opera 10 will update automatically, so you will always have the latest version. The new version also includes a Spell Checker, that allows you to check the spelling of the text entered into any form field or into our e-mail client. The Spell Checker supports 51 languages, using the popular open source Hunspell dictionary format. Enhanced is also Opera's e-mail client. Opera Mail can now send rich text messages including inline images, styled text, links, and/or custom HTML. Additionally we fine-tuned our overall speed, making Opera faster and smoother on resource-intensive pages such as Gmail. Opera 10 is 40% faster in page loading than Opera 9.6 and that is before you activate Opera Turbo. Opera is designed not only to be light and fast, but also smart. Our adaptive memory management is optimized to work with your machine, conserving memory if your computer has less RAM and utilizing more memory to enhance performance if your computer has memory to spare. Version 10.0 includes new streamlined, elegant interface, Opera Turbo, spell checker, enhanced e-mail, and automatic updates.


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